Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

Time-honored Craftsmanship

Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry, hand-built with time-honored craftsmanship and the highest level of hand selected materials provides you with limitless possibilities.

More than 35 years ago, all the founder of Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry wanted to do was make the finest cabinets in America... Handcrafted, hand rubbed, extraordinarily handsome cabinets. The kind he’d be proud to have in his own home. Following in the founder's footsteps, Plain & Fancy craftsmen continue to put their whole hearts into the cabinetry you put into your home. Plain & Fancy makes it happen, just the way you want... and well within your reach.

For more information about Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry, visit our Westchester County showroom today or call (914) 946-8600 to schedule a consultation with one of our design experts.

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