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Crisp. Clean. Timeless.

White Kitchen Cabinets give you the flexibility to update the surrounding decor to continually alter the look and feel of your kitchen. Kitchen and Bath Source has the experienced design team you need to create the perfect white kitchen design. White kitchen cabinets provide a clean slate to feature a wide variety of design elements. You can create a playful splash of color with vibrant tile backsplashes, or you can create a classic and intriguing look with contrasting granite or marble countertops. You can also create your own look and style using brass, silver, pewter, or nickel fixtures and hardware. We have a large selection of deep, dark hardwood flooring, or you can choose from light and cheery tiles. The possibilities are truly endless with white kitchen designs.

How Do I Begin?

When you think about updating your kitchen, you may be a bit overwhelmed with all the options available. It can be hard to get started on choosing exactly the direction you would like to go. Whether you want a white kitchen design or something a bit different, Kitchen and Bath Source is your resource for creating the look you have always dreamed of. Here are a few steps to begin putting together elements and features that are important for your next kitchen design. Do the following:

  • Gather ideas from magazines and online, and save these ideas to show your kitchen designer.
  • Estimate a budget that you would be comfortable spending on your kitchen.
  • Match your kitchen to your home's overall style and character.
  • Contact Kitchen and Bath Source to schedule an appointment with our professional designers.

For more information about white kitchens and our white kitchen cabinets, contact Kitchen and Bath Source. Visit our White Plains showroom today or call (914) 946-8600 to schedule your appointment with one of our design experts.

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