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Caring for the Environment

Your Kitchen and Bath Source designer can help you select environmentally friendly, sustainable, and attractive products for your new “go green” kitchen and bath design. We will always strive to manage your project in an ecologically responsible manner. When you are thinking about an eco-friendly kitchen design, think Kitchen and Bath Source. We can help you create a going-green kitchen design that not only looks great, but also is better for the environment and your pocketbook!

Here are some things to consider

  • Can some materials from your old bath be recycled, donated or reused in a basement?
  • Will fixtures (faucets, toilets, showerheads) carry the EPA's WaterSense label? If so, they are 20 percent more water-efficient than average products in that category. 
  • Will the wood in your new cabinets come from a sustainably managed forest? Sustainable wood products — products made from forests that grow quickly and are easily replenished — have become more popular. Examples of fast-growing species are bamboo, lyptus, cane, and some maple species.
  • Would you consider recycled materials for countertops and flooring? 
  • How energy-efficient will your new lighting be? 
  • Is this a good time to change to new, more efficient windows? 
  • If any walls are going to be opened, you should add new insulation.


A thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly kitchen design or bath can contribute to your family’s health, safety and wellbeing. For example:  

  • Proper ventilation removes humidity that can contribute to mold.
  • Water quality issues can be addressed with  a variety of filter types. 
  • Medications and cleaning products can be stored safely out of the reach of children.


All kitchen and bath spaces must function beautifully for you, but it’s worthwhile to think about any long-term changes anticipated in your family.

  • Will someone who prefers to dry their hair, apply makeup, or perform other grooming tasks while seated use the bath?
  • Will your new kitchen or bath be used by anyone relying on a wheelchair, walker, cane or other device? If so, is space adequate for turning in a wheelchair? Is the shower designed without a threshold? Is there a seat in the shower? Are there properly installed and located grab bars (towel bars are not a substitute).
  • If desired, the vanity can be raised to a more back-friendly height. Drawers, rollouts and pullouts can be added to make items accessible without bending.
  • Cabinets for medications and cleaning products can be installed so products can be stored safely out of the reach of children.
  • If anyone in your home is highly sensitive and/or allergic, special cabinet finishes and materials can be specified to minimize problems. 
  • Non-slip flooring can help prevent falls. 
  • Proper use of GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters) can prevent shocks, and adequate lighting can increase safety. 
  • Whirlpools and steam baths can foster relaxation and soothe sore muscles, while aromatherapy and chromatherapy can offer health benefits. 
  • Is there enough lighting for someone with diminished eyesight? 
  • Are faucet handles easy to operate? Are there thermostatic and/or pressure-balanced valves to prevent scalding?

All of these questions can be answered by contacting KBS today.

If you have questions about "go green" kitchen and bath design, visit our White Plains showroom today or call (914) 946-8600 to schedule an appointment with one of our design experts.

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