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European Kitchen Cabinets or American-Made?

Poggenpohl. Leicht. SieMatic. Why pay for an import when you can save time and money on equally beautiful modern kitchen cabinets made in the USA from Plain & Fancy and UltraCraft - two of America's finest cabinetmakers specializing in European construction using frameless cabinet boxes. At KBS, we offer a complete selection of modern kitchens, so buy American, and save time and money.

What Makes a Kitchen "Modern" or "Contemporary" ?

Modern Kitchens and Contemporary Kitchens are stylish and bold. They can be described as minimalist, and geometric. The expert design staff at Kitchen and Bath Source will help you choose the perfect modern kitchen cabinets for your home. When you're looking for a clean, sleek, and functional kitchen, a modern kitchen design includes horizontal lines, asymmetry, and a lack of molding and ornamentation. Everything installed has a purpose and function. The modern kitchen cabinets available at KBS combine the simplistic styles of the 1940s with state-of-the-art technology.

How to Create the Perfect Modern Kitchen Design

When you start looking at modern kitchen designs, the wide range of options can be overwhelming. Materials used in modern kitchen designs are typically man-made, rather than natural. The most popular material choices include stainless steel, frosted glass inserts, concrete, chrome, and lacquer. Our expert designers can help you choose these elements to produce a stunning finished product. To get started on your design, you can do the following:

  • Look through different modern kitchen designs and choose elements you prefer.
  • Create a budget to spend for your new kitchen design.
  • Consider your home's overall aesthetic when choosing design elements.
  • Call KBS and speak to our designers, each with the skills and experience to create your new modern kitchen.

For more information about modern kitchen cabinets and European kitchen designs, contact Kitchen and Bath Source. Visit our White Plains showroom today or call (914) 946-8600 to schedule an appointment.

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