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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about KBS Project Coordination and Installation Services

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about KBS Project Coordination and Installation Services

This is a guide to understanding the installation process. Due to the nature of remodeling, unforeseen issues may arise that could result in time delays and schedule changes. All items mentioned must be purchased and outlined in your contract, installation price sheet or remodeling sheet. We look forward to providing you with a beautiful kitchen that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

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Now that I purchased a KBS Kitchen Remodeling Package, what happens next?

– Our Project Coordinator (PC) contacts you 2 weeks before your cabinetry arrives at our shipping warehouse.
– Tentative scheduling of the delivery and installation dates begins. This will help you plan for the arrival of your new cabinetry. For planning tips, visit the “Design & Planning” section on our website at www.kbskitchen.com.
– Once the cabinets arrive at our shipping warehouse, our PC will contact you again to confirm the delivery date and an approximate installation start date. You should start to coordinate the delivery of your appliances at this time. They must be on the job when we start installation.
– Our shipping department contacts you 24 hours prior to delivery to provide you with time frame for day of delivery. There are typically two windows: 8am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm. These are approximate times and can vary based on weather and traffic.

What should I expect on the day of delivery?

– Deliveries are made by our team of professional movers. Our delivery specialists only handle and deliver cabinetry and are equipped for the most challenging deliveries. All trucks are labeled and are professional in appearance.
– It’s best to try and clear an area close to the kitchen for the storage of the cabinetry. We know you want to look inside a box so feel free...but please leave the cabinets in their boxes. This helps our installation team identify them.

Day 1 of installation

– During the first day our team will un-box the cabinetry and place the cardboard in a location specified by you (typically a dumpster or the garage)
– The un-packer will begin to inspect the cabinetry to ensure they are free of defect and inaccuracies. Occasionally damage occurs... but don’t worry, we handle it. Any problems are reported immediately to our PC and immediate action is taken to solve the problem.

Day 2 of installation and on...

– Over the next few days your assigned master carpenter will be working at your home fastening cabinets together and to the walls.
– Typically the master carpenter is there between 9am to 4pm. This may change due to the work load and availability of other trades. The PC or master carpenter will update you with the schedule.
– A daily report of what work has been done will be left for you in your kitchen.
– Know that some work may not always be visible.

Kitchen cabinetry ready for template

– It’s our goal to get our customers ready for countertop template as quickly possible. The master carpenter prepares for templating by installing the needed base, tall and wall cabinets within 5 days of the start of installation.
– Remember, typically there is a two week lead time for the fabrication of most countertops after template.
– Once your kitchen is ready for template it is not uncommon for the installer to wait until countertops are installed before returning to complete your project.

Why does the installer leave the job after countertop template?

– The next phase of the project requires the countertop be installed securely to the cabinetry. (If you have purchased your countertop elsewhere you must contact the PC with your template and installation date so we can coordinate our return)
– Reasons: The installer can’t plumb the faucet, sink or dishwasher without the countertop.
– For insurance reasons and to avoid a potential fire hazard we require that the top be installed before the hook up of electric or gas appliances.
– Moldings like light rail and crown as well as decorative hardware can be damaged during countertop installation if previously installed.

My countertops have been installed. What happens next?

– Now that your countertops have been installed the master carpenter returns to get your appliances hooked up and in working order (if hook ups have been purchased)
– Once we have completed the hook up of appliances we move on to the finishing touches:

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If you have questions about the kitchen or bath design installation process, contact KBS Kitchen. Call (914) 946-8600 to speak with one of our design experts today!

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