White For Your Kitchen Cabinets, Walls and Island – Is It A Good Idea?

White For Your Kitchen Cabinets, Walls and Island – Is It A Good Idea?

White is usually a conservative design element, but that doesn’t mean a white kitchen has to be boring and dull.

On the contrary, a white kitchen adds brightness to small kitchens, and makes big kitchens look regal and majestic.

Embellish your kitchen with white and make it brighter. Here are some suggestions from our design experts:

Custom White Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are timeless. KBS offers white kitchen cabinets from some of America’s finest cabinet makers: Plain & Fancy, Medallion, UltraCraft and KBS Signature.

These can be chic and timeless additions to your kitchen design. We offer professional installation services and handle all the details. Our team will design and remodel your kitchen regardless of size, and help you design any style kitchen, from modern to country, transitional to traditional.

White Kitchen Islands

A white kitchen island is set up right in the center of your kitchen, and brings the entire room into focus. Choose an island top with a subtle sheen to it. In many cases, we recommend an eggshell finish; in others, a high gloss accentuates other design elements in your white kitchen.

All White Walls In the Kitchen

Scared? Don’t be!

Whatever you have going on in your kitchen, and no matter how overpowering the design, white walls will feel beautiful and look bright and light. In fact, our design experts often recommend white walls along with good lighting to add luxury and pizzazz to any white kitchen design.

The Last Word: Versatile White Kitchens Are Perfect All Year Round

Here at Kitchen and Bath Source, our design and remodeling specialists know just how to create the perfect canvas for white.

Our kitchens are warm and welcoming all year round. Check out our range of white kitchen cabinets. Or you can call us at (914) 946-8600 to talk to a kitchen design specialist. We look forward to helping you achieve all your kitchen design ambitions.

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