Your Quick Guide to Modern Cabinetry

Your Quick Guide to Modern Cabinetry

It’s amazing what small tweaks in interior design can do to your kitchen. From high-end finishes to wood textures, there’s a world of options just waiting to be discovered!

In recent years, we’ve seen modern kitchen styles dominating American homes, and prompting homeowners to invest in innovative ideas.

Choosing the right cabinetry forms the crux of kitchen innovation as it adds a strikingly unique touch that punctuates your kitchen, while giving you an opportunity to be creative!

Cabinet Construction

Before we get into types of modern cabinetry, let’s talk about the basic structure of a standard cabinet.

When selecting kitchen cabinetry, you have the option of a framed versus frameless design. Either creates a unique blueprint for the structure and aesthetic of your kitchen.

Modern kitchens are generally characterized by frameless cabinetry that utilizes an overlay. This can range between standard overlay doors, inset doors and a full overlay.

Full overlays are a true mark of modern cabinetry, as the cabinet doors overlap the face frame to give a sleek and polished effect.

Cabinet Doors

Door fronts may not seem like a big deal when choosing cabinetry, but depending on your knowledge of interior design, it can make the difference between good, bad and ugly.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Flat-front doors, for example, help to define the symmetry of your cabinet, while shaker fronts can also add a modern appeal as long as they have minimal detailing and are not too decorative.

Keep in mind: simple is modern.

Laminate, Wood or Glass?

Moving on to materials—arguably the most important part of the cabinetry equation.

If you’re going for a truly modern kitchen, the most important rule for choosing cabinetry is avoiding materials with a distressed veneer.

Also in keeping with the modern style, it’s important to move away from traditional trends and towards more contemporary ones—like a high gloss finish.

Surprisingly, wood textures aren’t completely traditional or dated. Salvaged wood, for instance, can add a smooth finish that makes your kitchen more refined and sophisticated.

And of course, you also have versatile materials like metal or glass that are commonly seen in modern kitchens, without any flashy embellishments.


We could go on and on about the unparalleled success of the white kitchen. But equally popular in modern cabinetry are two-toned accents, neutrals and warm browns for wood cabinets.

Ultimately, it’s an elaborate but exciting process of understanding the meticulous details and purpose of each design and structure.

When choosing kitchen cabinetry, always consult a professional. Check out our massive full-service kitchen and bath display showroom, or contact us to schedule a design appointment today!

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