What Makes White Kitchens Truly Timeless?

What Makes White Kitchens Truly Timeless?

When it comes to colors that symbolize sanitation and health, there’s no beating the universally approved “white”.

Clean, fresh, healing and positive, it’s a color that goes well with pretty much anything—a classic that never seems to go out of style. So, of course, it’s not surprising that white kitchens are a preferred choice in American homes since the early ‘20s!

As the only color offered by manufacturers back in the day, it grew exceedingly popular throughout the country for its representation of cleanliness and purity, as well as its ability to reflect light.

Today, the Home Appliance Manufacturers Organization reports that white outsells all other colors, while the National Kitchen and Bath Association reveals that an overwhelming majority generally prefers all-white cabinetry to everything else!

So, what is it about white kitchens that makes it a clear winner through the ages? Let’s find out!

The Ultimate Neutral

If you enjoy updating your kitchen every now and then, you have endless possibilities to experiment when you start with an all-white foundation.

Contrary to popular opinion, white isn’t necessarily monochromatic in the kitchen—showcasing an interesting depth and contrast with shadow details and incredible contrast.

When paired with tile accents and light fixtures, a white kitchen brings accessories and artwork to life in ways that other neutrals simply can’t.

Unlimited Options

Popular in modern, traditional as well as transitional trends, white is the ultimate playground for kitchen designers as it gives them a great big canvas to build upon. Depending on changing trends, you can also change wall colors, experiment with cabinets, countertops and appliances without ruining the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Oh, and since white is a standard color, you definitely won’t have trouble finding matching appliances at any manufacturer.

Unique Alternatives

White Kitchens

Interestingly enough, not everything in a white kitchen has to be white.

In fact, a great way to innovate is to incorporate variations of white. This can help to create a sense of balance that is so crucial to a beautiful and functional kitchen.

Choose brilliant white quartz countertops and white laminates, or simply mix and match with other neutrals like a dash of stainless steel (like pot racks), glass-front upper cabinets or wood flooring.

At the end of the day, white kitchens allow you to be creative and classy, while keeping up with the latest trends in kitchen design.

Did we convince you to upgrade yours?

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