Family Oriented and Fresh – Our Favorite Elements of a Modern Kitchen!

Family Oriented and Fresh – Our Favorite Elements of a Modern Kitchen!

New advancements in kitchen design and technology as well as a wealth of new materials have made it possible for kitchen designers to push the boundaries and explore new design territories. Modern kitchen designs are gaining traction as more homeowners opt for innovative renovation ideas.

When you think of modern kitchen designs, what comes to mind?

 For many, it’s the frameless cabinets, sleek hardware and strong horizontal lines that attract people to modern kitchen aesthetics. Our modern kitchen design experts know just how to create these design elements for our clients:


Why not invest in modern internet-ready appliances that you can control remotely? This new technology not only offers ease of use, but also makes appliances sleeker and more durable, in addition to a range of other advanced features. The cutting-edge kitchen of the future is here, and we can build it for you.

Sleek Hardware

Sleek hardware usually used in modern kitchens is exquisitely beautiful. It often runs flush to the surface, and is integrated very well within the sleek horizontal lines of modern kitchen design. Our designers will always ask your opinion before finalizing the right hardware for your kitchen.

Ease of Use

Accessible, user-friendly design is the most important quality of modern kitchen design. We can create a seamless kitchen space that is perfect for everyone in the entire family. From timed stove top burners, to refrigerators that let you know when you need to go grocery shopping, a modern kitchen can make your life a lot easier to run.

Open-Plan Layout

Kitchens are central to the American family home. That’s why more families are now opting for kitchen designs that also incorporate the dining area and living room all-in-one. This makes the kitchen more of a family room. We can create a modern kitchen that is to be loved and enjoyed throughout the day, and not just when it’s time to eat.

The Last Word: We Are Here To Ensure Consistent Styling!

The lighting, bar stools, kitchen islands, modern kitchen designs, backsplashes, tables and chairs etc. should all complement each other and bring cohesiveness to the entire design of your modern kitchen.

We’d love to discuss your ideas for your very own modern kitchen. Simply give us a call at (914) 946-8600 to talk about your kitchen remodeling options and hire our kitchen design experts today!

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