Don’t Be Afraid to Use Modern Materials in Your Kitchen—We Can Show You How!

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Modern Materials in Your Kitchen—We Can Show You How!

If you’re wondering why your kitchen deserves more attention than any other area of your house, consider the fact that it gets the most amount of foot traffic!

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners also seem to think that their kitchen aesthetic is set in stone—that if you started out with a traditional design, you can’t incorporate modern elements.

Well, we’ve been in the business 40+ years. And as pioneers in kitchen design and renovation, we can say with full certainty that some rules are meant to be broken!

Let’s take a look at 3 innovative ideas to completely revamp a major part of your home.


Geometric, minimalist, stylish and bold: these are just a few words used frequently to describe modern home design.

Now, you may think your options are limited if you’re staring out with an old-fashioned kitchen. But there are plenty of ways to add some chic sophistication to it—starting with modern cabinetry and quartz countertops.

Step 1: Start by de-cluttering your kitchen and making it clean, sleek and functional.

Neutral Color Palette

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinets and bar stools, high-gloss acrylic and specialist gray veneers—you can’t go wrong with a neutral color palette. It’s the epitome of modern kitchen décor, giving you the opportunity to play around with textures and contrast, using a range of subtle colors.

Step 2: Choose a subdued color scheme and coordinate with all kitchen accessories.

Clean Lines & Asymmetry

A lot of what we describe as “modern kitchen design” is based on asymmetry and lack of ornamentation.

No matter how seemingly traditional your kitchen, you can always find ways to add a modern touch, depending on how you arrange your appliances and accessories. Horizontal lines, for instance, are generally effective in making your kitchen more spacious and functional.

Steer clear of ostentatious ornaments and make sure each addition or change serves a purpose beyond looking stylish. For instance, you can use oxidized metal tiles to create a beautiful backsplash that reflects light.

Stunning and smart!

Step 3: Opt for materials like stainless steel, chrome, lacquer and frosted glass inserts.

Ultimately, kitchen renovation is an exciting process that can be truly rewarding if you seek help from the right people!

KBS Kitchen is Westchester County’s leading name in modern kitchen cabinetry and Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets, boasting a stunning array of hands-on kitchen displays in their 10,000 square foot showroom.

For more ideas and inspiration on contemporary and modern kitchens, call us at 914-946-8600 or get expert advice from our friendly staff!

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