Design Principles That Make Modern Kitchens Truly Unique!

Design Principles That Make Modern Kitchens Truly Unique!

All kitchen renovation and design projects are unique. They all take into account the homeowner’s personal style preferences as well as the existing space. In order to ensure a job well done, we always rely on key design principles which are essential for creating a new kitchen that is efficient as well as undeniably beautiful.

The design components (i.e. kitchen cabinets, appliances, backsplashes, lighting, countertops, etc.) are made to work together using the design principles of emphasis, balance, proportion and scale. Together they provide a highly functional and beautiful kitchen.

Let’s learn a little more about these kitchen design principles:

Visual Balance

A well-balanced room offers a relaxing ambience as well as a sense of security. Balance is an important principle of interior design. Simply put, it is the equilibrium and symmetry in the design.

Our kitchen design specialists create balance by selecting objects (appliances and décor etc.) according to their visual weight i.e. its ability to draw attention to itself. We have experience in working with different design elements in a variety of forms, colors and finishes, ensuring the perfect modern kitchen.


Some objects immediately draw the eye as soon as you enter the kitchen. These may range from a gorgeous stainless steel sink, a modern stove or cook top area or a window with beautiful view outside. Our kitchen designers will study the available space and entry points to decide a focal point for your kitchen. Then we’ll use line, form and color to highlight it.

Proportion and Scale

When it comes to modern kitchen cabinetry, it takes expertise in proportion and scale to create exquisite designs for the space we are working on. Proportion simply refers to the size of an object in relation to another part of the object. On the other hand, scale is the size of an object in relation with another. Our kitchen designers ensure that every appliance, cabinet and décor selected for your kitchen is perfect for its size, and goes well with other things in its surroundings as well.

The Last Word

These are principles of good design for modern kitchens. Here at KBS, we promise that our modern kitchen solutions will beautifully complement your kitchen design ambitions.

Based in White Plains NY, we cater to all your cabinetry and kitchen renovation needs. Learn more about kitchens based on your lifestyle! Start exploring our modern kitchen cabinets designs here, or call us at (914) 946-8600 to learn more about your kitchen remodeling options.

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