Let Kitchen and Bath Source help you create your dream kitchen.

At Kitchen and Bath Source, we have created our exclusive Smart, Chic and Divine solutions to help you set a budget for your new kitchen. Each solution starts with a range of options to fit your lifestyle and includes these important elements:

  • Base Cabinetry
  • Wall Cabinetry
  • Kitchen Island
  • Deep Refrigerator Cabinet
  • Crown Molding
  • Corner Molding
  • Finished Panels
  • Mullion Door
  • Tilt-Down Soap Tray
  • Light Rail Molding
  • Standard Hardware Selection
  • Pots & Pans Base
  • Matching Toe Kick
  • Drawer Base
  • Cutlery Divider

model kitchen 300px

Notes: All price ranges are based on a 10' x 17' model kitchen, as shown above. Prices within each range vary by door, finish and accessory selections. Prices exclude appliances, countertops, installation, taxes and delivery. Mullion doors are not available in all styles. Price ranges are subject to change.  Photos shown above are for illustrative purposes and may not be representative of kitchens available in our Smart, Chic or Divine Collections.

Start creating your dream kitchen today. Please contact us for a free consultation.